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Autonomous Truck Makes It’s First Delivery: What It Means For Manufacturers

Manufacturers depend on a healthy and robust trucking industry to get their products in the hands on their customers in a timely fashion. If you are part of this industry, whether self employed or work for a company, getting the right insurance policy like hgv lorry insurance is an essential, as it allows you to be able to drive the vehicle legally and offer protection if anything was to go wrong. Yet the trucking industry has been experiencing a severe shortage of truck drivers and this has ...

Hanjin Shipping Co.: What Does The Future Hold?

After declaring bankruptcy last month Hanjin shipping has an murky future ahead. It isn't just businesses who have been left scratching their heads, wondering where else can they get a china shipping company for a low cost; it's also left the CEO's of Hanjin wondering how they're going to finish all remaining shipping and not get into deeper trouble. A South Korean court had declared that the company must sell as many of its ships as possible and return any chartered ships to their owners ...

Episode 48: West Coast Port “Quake” Sets Off Economic Tsunami

12/23/14 - The ILWU contract expired on July 1. 2014, and once again the West Coast port container offloads and onloads have been crippled during contentious union negotiations in the face of near-record imports and exports during the accelerating economic recovery. Hundreds of millions of dollars of losses have already occurred in agricultural export losses, retail imports that will have to be dumped at fire sales after Christmas, manufacturing productivity losses from just-in-time raw material delays, and future losses from overseas buyers who will source products elsewhere in 2015 and beyond. Listen to our December 23rd show as we talk about this prickly situation.