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How To Manage The New Millennial Workforce

Millennials are an interesting age group. They have been raised on a different set of values and beliefs that may not have been present in previous generations. They have grown up with the internet and are the first entirely digital-centric population. As a manager this could make creating a focused plan on what to expect from this workforce, that is over 80 million people, relatively difficult. Avoiding over-generalization and the negative stigma of millennials being lazy, entitled, and ...

The New Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers have long been innovators. They have always looked for a way to streamline production and create the most efficient and productive facility possible. For a long time this meant longer hours. Also with the creation of the assembly line, labor was repetitive and dull. This mindset brought with it a stigma that followed manufacturing out of the 19thcentury and still sticks today in the 21st century. But this is not the way businesses, or people work in the 21st century. The ...

Episode 22: Update 30 Under 30

Linda Rigano, Executive Director of Media Relations of ThomasNet, and M.L. Peck, Senior Vice President of Program and Product Development at ISM, will give listeners an exciting update on the 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars program, and Kevin Wolfe, General Manager of Powill Manufacturing and Engineering, a veteran-owned small business in Phoenix, AZ, will be discussing that company’s challenge of finding qualified individuals under 30 to fill jobs at Powill, a common problem heard throughout the manufacturing industry.