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Episode 55: West Coast Port Shutdown Could Be Days Away: Devastating For The Economy

With no contract, will the ILWU walk off the job and strike? Will the PMA lock out the workers as they did in 2002? If the West Coast ports are shut down at a cost to the country of nearly $2 billion a day, which seems likely given the breakdown in contract negotiations, thousands of containers coming into the U.S. and thousands more head out stuff with our exports will sit idle at the docks. Will the president invoke the Taft-Hartley Act to force the sides back to work by declaring a national ...

Episode 53: Country of Origin Labeling – Made In The USA, Really?

1/27/2014 - Learn about the shift from "Us VS Them" to "Us & Them" as global sourcing of raw materials and components rewrites "Made in the USA." Cliff Waldman, Director of Economic Studies at MAPI, the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation talks with Mfg TalkRadio's hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady and presents his findings on the "Made in USA" label and the impact on the global supply chain.

Episode 20: Supply Chain Purchasing and OSHA Safety Equipment

Hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady talk to Bill Michels, President of ISM Services about how ISM provides training and development support for supply chain purchasing to companies in and outside of the manufacturing industry. Also in the is broadcast, Gil Truesdale from Orr Safety. Gil will discuss how his company helps manufacturing entities with their OSHA regulated safety issues by supplying personal protective equipment.

S1-E15 Transcript Dr Steve Melnyk Professor of Operations Management

s1-e15-MTR. Tim: Welcome to the Manufacturing Talk Radio, we are here in the ISM Show in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada and Lew, our co-host is going to introduce your guest this morning. Lew: Thank you, Tim. I’d like to introduce Dr. Steven Melnyk, Professor of Operations in Supply Chain Management of Michigan State University. I presume that’s in Michigan. Dr. Steven: You got it, thank you very much. Lew: Ok, thank you for joining us today. Dr. Steven: My pleasure, Lew. L...

Episode 15: Dr Steve Melnyk, Professor of Operations Management & George Krauter of Storeroom Solutions

Special Guest Dr. Steve Melnyk, professor of Operations Management for the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at MSU.