Tesla Inc. Produced 50,000 Vehicles In The First Quarter: Bigger Plans For The Future

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Tesla Inc., the popular electric car manufacturers delivered a record breaking 25,000 vehicles in the first quarter of 2017. This is up a staggering 69% from the same time last year. Many didn’t believe Tesla Inc. had the capabilities to meet growing demand and especially not in this dramatic of a fashion.

The company released a statement on Sunday which outlined their manufacturing milestone. A total of 13,450 Model S cars and 11,550 Model X SUV’s have been delivered to customers and another 4,650 will be sent over at the end of this quarter which will be included in the second-quarter deliveries.

Sunday’s report showed that Tesla is well on the way to reach their goal of 50,000 deliveries in the first half of 2017. Elon Musk expects to begin producing 5,000 cars a week after the Model 3’s production begins in July. Being able to keep up with high demand will only become more important for the electric car manufacturer as time goes on.

Tesla’s Model 3 will be the car maker’s first, consumer level vehicle costing only $35,000 for a base model. This is more than half as much as the lowest-price Model S. Easier to manufacture and simpler in terms of technology, automation will make it much more practical to produce in high numbers. Estimates lead many to believe that the Model 3 along with other new vehicles from Tesla have the potential to greatly increase sale volumes.

Being able to take orders in high numbers is something Tesla is already incredibly good at. The next step in the company’s journey will be to deliver on these pre-orders. It’ll be vital for the manufacturer to deliver on customer orders, especially now that their customer base will dramatically expand. Offering a Tesla vehicle at $35,000 brought a lot of attention to the company. The rate at which Tesla Model S’s pre-sales skyrocketed once it was available, the more affordable Model 3 is expected to bring in even more interested buyers.

Tesla is at the cutting edge when it comes to technology in their cars and automated systems helping them to manufacture their vehicles. This could be the deciding factor when it comes to reaching production estimates. Elon Musk has worked feverishly when it comes to ensuring his company can live up to expectations. It’ll be interesting to watch how Tesla handles the release of the Model 3.

Be sure to check back on Manufacturing Talk Radio soon for the latest developments surrounding the manufacturing industry. We’ll be keeping a close eye on any new surrounding Tesla and their new vehicle.