Touch HMI Makes Machine File Transfers Easy

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Predator’s Touch HMI, customized by SFA, works with Fanuc FOCAS, Windows, FTP & USB

La Mesa, CA (October 26th, 2016) – Shop Floor Automations (SFA) has recently taken to the manufacturing and machinist press venues to talk about Predator Touch HMI. They shared that the big button interface application will make sending and receiving programs for machinists much easier. They also discussed other features, such as data collecting abilities, different ways Touch HMI can be accessed, consolidation of automation platforms, and how buttons can be customized to take advantage of the new IoT atmosphere on shop floors.


While Touch HMI is the front end that machinists use, multiple Ethernet protocols are used on the back end. This allows the operator to have an easy-to-use interface while Predator DNC handles the heavy lifting, taking advantage of multiple communication protocols. Most new machine tools come with either Ethernet or USB capabilities.


Several Ethernet protocols can be utilized by Touch HMI:


Fanuc FOCAS: FOCAS allows file transfers to and from CNC memory without ever needing to touch the CNC control. As a bonus, it can be leveraged for machine monitoring in the future without the added cost of hardware. It can also be a safer API than others.


Windows Share: Predator SecureDNC is utilized to facilitate encrypted file transfers directly into the CNC Control’s memory. This will securely allow you to add any Windows-based machine tool to your network. You can have Touch HMI loaded directly onto select CNC controls. Common controls include Mazak and Okuma, plus certain Haas & DMG Mori Seiki controls.


FTP: Very common protocol to facilitate file transfer. Is included on several machine tools. Common controls include Fanuc and Fagor.


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