Weekly Recap for May 19th, 2017

Economic conditions around the world are driven on the strong back of manufacturing. In the April/May 2017 Global Outlook, you will hear from industry experts how the U.S. economy and manufacturing is performing, along with manufacturing in Asia, the UK and the EU. Next Week, Manufacturing Talk Radio will be broadcasting from ISM2017 where we will get an update of the ISM’s Annual Outlook. Businesses, corporations, departments of the U.S. Government and even the President pay attention to these reports as they make business and policy decisions. Be sure you have the information they have.

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Manufacturing Stories

Apple Invests $200 Million in U.S. Glass Manufacturer, Who’s Next on their List?

Apple made headlines earlier this month when the company announced that it would be investing $1 billion into U.S. manufacturing. Only a week later, Apple is already committing some of its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to a U.S. manufacturer. A New York based operation known as Corning Incorporated will be receiving $200 million from the tech leader which will go into its R&D facility in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. (Read More)

Europe’s Largest Wind Farm Open For Business: Impact on Manufacturing

Europe just opened the world’s second largest offshore wind farm. With more than 150 turbines and expected to produce about 2.6 TwH of electricity every year, this will be the Netherlands largest offshore wind farm. It’s located in the North Sea, 53 miles north of Groningen, it’s not viewable from shore and the location is particularly fruitful when it comes to producing energy from wind. (Read More)

Manufacturing Takes Another Giant Leap Forward: Rapid Liquid Printing

Manufacturers of all kinds have benefited from the rapid advancement in 3D printing technology in so many different ways. From rapid prototyping to end use components, the technology continues to move forward and show even more potential along the way. Now, manufacturers may soon have another incredible piece of technology at their disposal, Rapid Liquid Printing. (Read More)

NAFTA Renegotiation: Federal Government Moves Forward

The North American Free Trade Agreement has been making headlines since the U.S. election. President Donald Trump called the trade deal a ‘disaster’ and vowed to address the issues with the agreement. Now, the Trump administration took its first formal step to renegotiate NAFTA which could have an impact on more than $1.2 trillion in annual trade. (Read More)