Weekly Wrap Up For April 7th, 2017

Brad Holcomb Discusses the ISM Report and Chris Kuehl on the Credit Manager’s Index.

Lew Weiss and Tim Grady interviewing Brad Holcomb, Committee Chair of the ISM Manufacturing Report on Business, and Dr. Chris Kuehl, noted economist with Armada Corporate Intelligence and the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association International (FMAnet.org) speaking on the Credit Manager’s Index report released March 31, 2017 by the National Association of Credit Managers (nacm.org). Finally, we encourage young and old alike to visit mfgtalkradio.com to provide their input the the pending retirement of Dandelion Yellow, one of the primary colors scheduled to be absent from Crayola boxes around the world in the very near future. Please answer our simple one-question survey to help encourage Dandelion Yellow to maintain its presence in Crayola boxes so children and artists around the globe will have just the right color for the sun in the sky or the signature blazers of the Manufacturing Talk Radio crew.

Dr. Adriana Sanford Interviews Mr. Wilfried Grommen, Chief Technology Officer at Hewlett Packard for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Manufacturing Talk Radio is excited to announce an expansion of its network broadcasts with the launch of A Global Perspective with Dr. Adriana Sanford, a show that will cover some of the risks and ramifications for multinational corporations doing business in Europe, South America or Asia when jurisdictional laws conflict with U.S. law, as both Microsoft and Apple have experienced. Dr. Sanford’s guest today at approximately 2:00 p.m. will be Mr. Wilfried Grommen, Chief Technology Officer at Hewlett Packard for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Here Are Some of this Week’s Top Manufacturing Stories

3 Tips to Improve ERP in Manufacturing

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is important software for the modern manufacturing business. Both large and small businesses can benefit from this kind of technology. However, not all ERP services are created equal, some could benefit your business more than others. Furthermore, manufacturers have had a hard time making the most out of this technology. (Read More)

IIOTGeneral Motors Takes On The IIoT

General Motors’ has been using robots throughout their manufacturing production lines for years now. The idea of automation to increase production and assist employees is not a new concept to the behemoth manufacturer. However, there is a relatively new concept that made its way to the manufacturing industry and that is the connected shop floor. GM just recently connected about a quarter of their 30,000 factory robots to the internet. They’re already starting to see it pay off in a big way. (Read More)

Boeing In Conflict With President Trump: Iran Deal At Stake

Boeing Co. lands their second jetliner sale with Iran since the Shah era and it could lead to tensions with the current administration. The $3 billion deal has the potential to offer major economic boost for the manufacturer as airline sales slow around the world. (Read More)


David vs. Goliath: Tesla Overtakes Ford

The automotive industry has a David versus Goliath story on their hands. One gave us the birth of the assembly line and the other has yet to make a profit. Tesla just overtook Ford Motor Company in terms of stock market value and the world doesn’t know what to think. Valued at $48.7 billion, Elon Musk’s innovative electric car company beat out Ford’s $46 billion empire. (Read More)

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