Weekly Wrap Up for August 11th, 2017

It is not the process that causes projects to fail. Change tends to fail because people fail to buy in to the change itself. Given that change is inevitable, and coming along more rapidly every year, tune in to hear Barbara Trautlein of Change Catalysts explain how to approach change projects for successful outcomes, including the all important buy-in of the people. Learn how “change equals pain in the brain,” then hear about Change Intelligence (CQ) and how it is different from but interacts with IQ and EQ. This is an insightful show for everyone in manufacturing, an industry where change is readily apparent from the C-Suite doors to the production floor.

Here are Some of This Week’s Top Manufacturing Stories

ExxonMobil Takes On The Manufacturing Skills Gap

The skills gap has had an impact on nearly every industrial sector as this work falls out of fashion with students and educators. Relying on a 4-year degree in a field outside of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, students often have a hard time finding a career in their field after graduation. However, manufacturers are hiring and many 4-year college degrees are a great segway into the industry but so often these students have steered away from a career in an industrial sector. (Read More)

Manufacturing Technology: From Concept to Reality

As the manufacturing industry moves into the 4th industrial revolution it has become clear that embracing new technologies is imperative to success. Many of the innovations seen today were merely concepts only a few years ago but with the current trend of rapid technological advancement, they are becoming widely adopted throughout the industry. Some of these key innovations include 3D printing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Augmented Reality. The adoption of these technologies throughout the industry is changing how many businesses operate for the better and in turn, manufacturers are aiding in the advancement of the technology. (Read More)

Top U.S. Manufacturing Workforce Challenges And How To Address Them

The manufacturing industry has made impressive progress over the past few years. Public awareness about the modern industry is improving, more jobs are returning to the country and new technologies are driving the industry forward. However, there are still some challenges the industry faces today that must be addressed. Recruiting the skilled workforce that is necessary for today’s modern manufacturing industry, offering proper training for new technologies and bolstering the U.S. manufacturing workforce are proving to be a challenge. (Read More)

New Graphene Metamaterial Developed by Purdue University

A new metamaterial developed by Purdue University researchers is lightweight, flame resistant and super elastic. The material manages to combine high strength, electrical conductivity and thermal insulation. This could have huge implications for the manufacturing industry with potential applications ranging from sensors to heat shields. (Read More)

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