Weekly Wrap Up for August 25th, 2017

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As part of a nationwide effort to help close the swelling skills gap, the SME Education Foundation established PRIME® (Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education), its program to attract youth to manufacturing and prepare high school students for careers in the industry. The Foundation works closely with manufacturing businesses and associations to develop partnerships with local high schools that provide students with the knowledge and hands-on technical skills using state of the art technology and industry relevant equipment.

Here are Some of This Week’s Top Manufacturing Stories

New Technology Set To Revolutionize Infrastructure: Manufacturers Stand To Gain

The United States of America continues to face infrastructure challenges as roads, bridges and critical systems degrade. Road and bridge closures are causing delays which have a direct impact on the supply chain. Manufacturers delivering products to customers or waiting for raw materials are feeling the pressure of the nation’s outdated infrastructure. President Trump has stated that infrastructure is one of the top priorities and now it seems like new technologies are presenting themselves that could revolutionize future projects. (Read More)

Made in Space: One Big Step for Mankind and A Giant Leap for Manufacturing

A California based startup is trying to be the first company that can put a “Made in Space” sticker on their goods. The main goal of the company, Made In Space, is to produce in space factories that will manufacture goods that are too expensive to manufacture back on earth. This new technology is set to revolutionize space exploration by giving scientists access to better tools while orbiting the Earth. Having these capabilities will also give consumers on Earth better space made equipment such as better fiber optic cables. (Read More)

Department of Energy Develops New Lightweight Solution for Automotive Manufacturing

Fuel efficiency is on the mind of every major automaker and lightweighting is one of the key focuses necessary for making a vehicle more fuel efficient. As the new fuel standards set by the 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) draw closer, automotive manufacturers will have to find a way to make their vehicles more efficient and most agree this will come from the pursuit of lightweight materials. (Read More)