Weekly Wrap Up for August 4th, 2017

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Tim Fiore, Committee Chair of the ISM’s Manufacturing Report on Business, and Chris Kuehl, FMA Economist, join co-hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to share insights into the Purchasing Managers Index from ISM and the Credit Manager’s Index from the National Association of Credit Managers. It appears that the reports will reflect mostly sunny skies in manufacturing with no dark clouds on the horizon or rain in the forecast. Listen in to hear the details of these two vital reports as you prepare your forecast each month for the balance of 2017.

Here are Some of This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

Oil Rig Count: Manufacturer’s Keep An Eye On The Action

In an industry where volatility is the only guarantee, manufacturers are keeping a close eye on the future of oil and gas. With news breaking about automobile manufacturers making the dramatic shift to all-electric vehicles and global inventories rising, all eyes were on the Rig Count released by Baker Hughes on July 21st. (Read More)

Researchers Discover Unsinkable Aluminum Foam

A new form of aluminum has been developed by scientists at the Petersburg Polytechnic University of Russia. This buoyant porous aluminum foam has the potential to make any ship that uses the material virtually unsinkable as long as the water that leaks does not exceed the buoyancy of the foam. (Read More)

MFG Day 20164 Fun Ideas for Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is almost here and manufacturers from all around the country are getting ready to show what the industry has to offer. For so long, the stigma surrounding the manufacturing industry has affected the workforce but this is all changing. Manufacturing Day, also known as MFG Day set out to prove these misconceptions wrong and shine a light on the modern industry. However, for those new to the celebration, it can be a challenge to develop their own event. This infographic was designed to offer simple ideas that could have a big impact on a manufacturer’s community. (Read More)