Weekly Wrap Up for December 30, 2016

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Tap into a wrap up of 2016 as Lew Weiss and Tim Grady discuss the major contributors and hot topics that drove Manufacturing Talk Radio podcasts to nearly 400,000 downloads in just three years. Then gain a sense of 2017 as the co-hosts look at the pivot points for the coming year, from automation and advanced technology to the ongoing saga of the skills gap.

This Week’s Top Stories In Manufacturing

The supply chain is an absolutely essential aspect of any manufacturing business. It’s critical to make sure products reach their intended destination in a timely manner. Manufacturers rely on a consistent and affordable flow of raw materials to their facilities and the supply chain must perform in order to maintain production. Amazon has now set out to revolutionize the supply chain and the trucking industry by offering their own “Uber-Like” application. (Read More)

Renewable energy has come so far over the past few years. The World Economic Forum (WEF) now estimates solar and wind are the same price or even cheaper than fossil fuels in 30 countries. The WEF has even predicted that by 2018, solar and wind energy will be cheaper in most countries.(Read More)

The South Korean robotics company, Hankook Mirae Technology, has designed a new class of robotic systems. Their towering manned robot walks like a human, stands at 13-feet tall and weighs 3,000 pounds. The Method-2 is currently housed in an engineering facility on the outskirts of Seoul but has big plans for the future. (Read More)

NASA is starting off the new year by testing a brand new combustion chamber for the development of their 3D printed engine. They will be ending 2016 with a fiery blast, in hopes of a successful step forward. NASA has been hard at work on putting together a complete 3D printed engine for years now and every new component brings them closer to perfecting this revolutionary technology. (Read More)