Weekly Wrap-up for Friday, October 28th

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Each month, Manufacturing Talk Radio presents an update on manufacturing and economic activity in the E.U., U.K. and Asia with its correspondents from France and China. Join hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady as they discuss the economic and manufacturing activity with Senior International Correspondents Royce Lowe from France and Chong Wang from China.

Here Are Some Of The Top Stories This Week In Manufacturing

A fortunate accident this past month led scientists to an unprecedented discovery. They’ve found a cost effective and efficient way of converting a common greenhouse gas into a useable, environmentally sound, fuel source. These developments have the possibility to change the environmental impact of manufacturing and help boost the productivity of many clean coal technologies. (Read More)

Keeping employees safe should be every business’s top priority, especially in the manufacturing industry. According to the U.S. Department of Labor approximately 3 million workers are injured on the job every year. With 4500 of these injuries leading to fatalities, it is imperative that manufacturers create a plan to improve workplace safety. A helpful tool for finding the main causes of injury in the industry is OSHA’s annual 10 most cited safety and health regulations. (Read More)

Shop Floor Automations (SFA) re-branded their Hardware line as the Connect Series in the Summer of 2016. Aside from the announcement of the Multi Connect, which is anticipated for release in 2017, there is another product that will soon be part of the Wireless Connect family. (Read More)

Manufacturers depend on a healthy and robust trucking industry to get their products in the hands on their customers in a timely fashion. Yet the trucking industry has been experiencing a severe shortage of truck drivers and this has not only had an impact on the trucking industry itself, but the manufacturing industry as well. Shipping rates have gone up and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find an available truck to deliver the goods that manufacturers produce. But there could soon be some relief on both ends, as new autonomous driving technology comes to the forefront of the shipping and logistics world. (Read More)