Weekly Wrap Up for June 23rd, 2017

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Co-hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady speak with Norbert Ore about the 18 PMI surveys he follows internationally, as well as several regional ones for the U.S., along with an incredible “Golden Nugget” of information about when to offshore production of your product, followed by our Senior International Correspondent Chong Wang reporting from China on manufacturing in the countries of Asia and an incredible new development in data transmission technology that may prove out another theory postulated by Albert Einstein. This one could change our world – and communications across our universe.

Here are Some of this Week’s Top Manufacturing Stories

SelectUSA Summit: Driving U.S. Manufacturing Forward

The U.S. manufacturing industry continues to take impressive steps forward. From a renewed public image to new technologies creating a better way to conduct business, manufacturing is in the midst of an incredible transformation. Businesses are beginning to focus more on collaboration rather than keeping information and processes in an information silo. This is having a profound impact on the industry and events like the SelectUSA Summit are bringing these businesses together, creating a collaboration hub to help drive the advancement of U.S. manufacturing and other industries forward at an even more impressive pace. (Read More)

Manufacturing Summit 2017: Making Manufacturing Great Again

American manufacturing is at a critical point in its history and organizations like the National Association of Manufacturers want to make sure it succeeds. That’s why events like the Manufacturing Summit take place, so that manufacturers from around the country can make their voices heard. The Manufacturing Summit takes place in Washington D.C. and includes various speeches and Congressional Office visits by some of industry’s and the nation’s top leaders. (Read More)

The Future of Aerospace Manufacturing: Stratasys and Boom Team Up

For over thirty years, Stratasys has been working vigorously to improve and refine innovative 3D printing processes. Developing FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology enabled them to offer rapid and cost-efficient production of parts and tools. As the technology advances rapidly and experience with supplying systems and solutions for large OEMs like Airbus, they were able to gain an unprecedented understanding of the technology and work through the certification challenges when applying 3D printing to the aviation sector. Now, Stratasys announced that they signed a three-year technical partnership with Boom Supersonic and it could lead to a revolution in aerospace manufacturing and passenger air travel. (Read More)

General Motors has Big Plans for American Manufacturing

With the current administration pushing to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., many manufacturers are embracing the concept and started reshoring many of their factory jobs. Some of the biggest companies bringing back American jobs are those in the automotive industry. This trend continues with General Motors who announced last week that they would be bringing back 600 jobs to the United States. (Read More)