Weekly Wrap Up for May 12th, 2017

Manufacturing Talk Radio continues to interview unique resources for manufacturers and compile the shows in a library at mfgtalkradio.com. This week, Lew Weiss and Tim Grady speak with Andrew Scott of G&A Partners, a company that leases employees with Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll and HR Technology skills that companies of almost all sizes can implant immediately to both shorten the learning curve and bring the experience needed on the job, with G&A Partners providing the expertise with knowledgeable teams of experts to support both the employee and the employer… (Read More)

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Stories In Manufacturing

The Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo: Why These Events Matter

The manufacturing industry continues to make incredible progress toward the future. New technology and revised workforce recruiting and retention strategies are transforming the industry into a modern powerhouse. Now more than ever, collaboration and networking events focused on new technology are becoming more important. Today sparks the start of IndustryWeeks Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland in Cleveland, OH. (Read More)

The Industrial Cybersecurity Responsibility: Robots Vulnerable To Hacking

Industrial cybersecurity for the modern manufacturer is something that can not be underestimated. As devices, tools and industrial robots begin getting connected to the IoT, it leaves them vulnerable to malicious cyber criminals. When this threat first began rearing its head throughout the manufacturing industry, the cause for concern was loss of data or digital vandalism. Mostly just a nuisance, these cyber threats were rarely seen as life threatening. However now as the modern manufacturing industry begins connecting every aspect of their facility and operations to the internet, these attacks could now pose a serious safety risk. (Read More)

Released on the 3rd or 4th business day of each new month, Anthony Nieves, committee chair for the ISM’s Non-Manufacturing Report on Business(R) presents the detail of this very positive report that covers 18 industries from a survey of 350 companies to establish a benchmark for what occurred in the immediately preceding month. As always, co-hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady probe the details to ask the questions listeners might ask themselves if they all could be on the air. Tune in to hear the answers.

The Gig Economy: Aiding in Closing The Manufacturing Skills Gap

Traditional jobs are shifting from a full time structure to a workforce comprised largely of short term contractors and freelancers. With the “gig economy” changing how many view employment, it may be time for the manufacturing industry to embrace this talent pool. Technology has made this easy thanks to businesses tailored for this purpose such as MS Companies, allowing businesses to search a database for individuals that fit manufacturers desired skill set. (Read More)

Boeing Halts 737 MAX Test Flights

Boeing is facing headwinds as they were forced to temporarily halt test flights for their new 737 MAX aircraft. This comes just days before the aerospace manufacturer was preparing to make their first 737 MAX delivery to a customer. It is suspected that the temporary hold on test flights was due to engine issues but Boeing assurances that they are sticking to the plan of delivering the MAX this month and production will continue. (Read More)