Weekly Wrap Up for November 10th, 2017

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Manufacturing Talk Radio wraps together the three pivotal index reports to bring you the latest information from NACM Economist Chris Kuehl, Ph.D. on the Credit Manager’s Index, ISM Committee Chair Tim Fiore on the Manufacturing Purchasing Manager’s Index Report of Business(R), and Committee Chair Anthony Nieves on the Non-Manufacturing Report on Business. Listen to this show with hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady at mfgtalkradio.com. You will also find a New Show – WAM – Women And Manufacturing that launches on Wednesday, November 8 and a history-making interview with Anna Hess, one of the original “Rosie the Riveters” from the 1940’s during the World War II years.

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

FABTECH 2017 Is Here: Manufacturing Collaboration and Transformative Technology

Professionals working in any facet of the modern manufacturing industry may have realized their industry is transforming. This may even be an understatement as new technology is playing a critical role in nearly every aspect of the manufacturing industry. Modern manufacturing has taken incredible strides forward and it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest innovations, equipment and services. That’s where FABTECH comes in. (Read More)

Tesla Acquires Perbix But Loses Key Talent

Bloomberg recently reported that Tesla acquired a supplier with a key focus on automating production to hopefully rectify the output challenges facing the Model 3. The automotive manufacturer has secured Perbix, a supplier the company has been working with over the past couple of years. This deal has been revealed in the wake of Tesla’s announcement of their production issues with the recently released electric vehicle on a corporate earnings conference call. (Read More)

Interviews with 3 Organizations impacting MFG Day

Shop Floor Automations (SFA) is a big supporter of MFG Day, and the 2017 holiday celebrating American manufacturing was a great success. Whether manufacturers invited students into their shops on the actual holiday of October 6th, or held events throughout the month of October, over 2,800 events took place in the USA. There are many schools of thought on how to fill the manufacturing skills gap, but the common bind is getting the concept of manufacturing in front of young people who may not have considered it as a career. There are experts in the field who have different tactics in accomplishing this goal. (Read More)

Ford Puts Employee Safety First With New Exoskeleton

With the manufacturing industry evolving at a rapid pace, businesses are looking for ways to leverage new innovations to increase safety on the factory floor. Most of the recent developments have been focused on making robots safer for the human workforce, but there have also been incredible advancements in making physical labor less demanding on people’s bodies. (Read More)


We’re happy to announce Manufacturing Talk Radio’s new series, Women And Manufacturing is here! Women business leaders from throughout all aspects of the modern manufacturing industry will be hosting this latest addition to the Manufacturing Talk Radio family. Learn more about this new organization!