Weekly Wrap Up for November 18th 2016

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Manufacturing Talk Radio brings together three of its senior international correspondents along with Chad Moutray, Chief Economist with the NAM, to discuss how manufacturing looks around the world this November, including discussions on Brexit, international reaction to Trump as President-Elect, the automobile industry outlook, and Purchasing Manager’s Indices for all major global economies.

Here Are Some Of The Top Stories This Week In Manufacturing


FABTECH 2016 starts today and manufacturers from across the globe should be excited for this monumental event. This amazing conference takes place every year, bringing with it a ton of new innovations for metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries. Attendees have opportunities to interact with all the amazing technology being shown off, while exhibitors can use this opportunity to broaden their market. With more than 1300 companies showing up to give a look at their latest manufacturing technology and equipment, this year’s show is looking to be the best yet. (Read More)

UK inventor and engineer James Dyson may be most recognizable for the iconic Dyson vacuum, but Sir James Dyson is now taking on a monumental challenge to help close the severe skills gap plaguing the United Kingdom. Set to open his own institute to train engineers, the Dyson Institute of Technology may be able to solve, or at least alleviate the pressure from a growing skill shortage that is weighing heavy on the UK economy. The Dyson Institute will work in partnership with Warwick University and award engineering degrees to 25 students a year. This approach to the skills gap, if successful, may be able to be emulated by manufacturers here in the United States. (Read More)

solar-impulse-1Solar Impulse Foundation is the company behind the Solar Impulse 2, the first completely solar powered plane has launched their answer to the clean energy problem. The World Alliance for Clean Technologies was announced at this years COP22, which is the climate change conference the United Nations holds every year. (Read More)


3d-mfgIt has become almost impossible to avoid the topic of 3D Printing, otherwise known as Additive Manufacturing, when speaking about new manufacturing technology. This is for good reason, as it has applications that are highly sought after in nearly every industrial sector. The technology has moved far beyond rapid prototyping and has become mature enough to even produce end-use critical components. (Read More)