Weekly Wrap Up for November 24th, 2017

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Our three International Correspondents give critical insight from around the globe featuring reports from Europe, China, and the US. These important, up-to-the-minute reports on manufacturing provide valuable insight into what’s happening now and what’s next.

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Manufacturing Stories

3 Steps to a Safer Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing industry is embracing the future and all that it stands for. Modern, clean, efficient, the industry has come such a long way. This is not only benefiting business and the bottom line, it has had a tremendous impact on the workforce as well. Shaking the stigma of the industrial revolution has been a challenge but business leaders are now taking a closer look at how to improve safety to benefit the employees. (Read More)

Uber and Volvo Team Up to Produce Self-Driving Cars

It is currently unknown how or when the world will accept and embrace the concept of self-driving cars. The technology is undergoing rigorous test runs and has proven to be extremely reliable. However, the public is still finding it hard to accept that computers and sensors can create safer roads for everyone. Even with all this skepticism the automotive industry has taken notice of its potential and begun striking deals in order to prepare for its inevitable arrival. (Read More)

Leadership Can Make or Break Any Manufacturing Enterprise

Leadership can make or break any modern manufacturing operation. Today’s business landscape moves at an incredible pace and without strong leadership an entire company can fall victim to the ravishes of time. Today’s manufacturing industry relies on in-depth knowledge of the latest developments, an understanding of the power of collaboration and new best practices that are driving the industry forward. (Read More)

Women And Manufacturing

Women are often still the minority in manufacturing environments, and it can be a challenge to effectively fit in when you feel stereotyped. This in-depth chat by WAM host Andrea Olson with Desiree Grace, Vice President of Channel Development and Operations of the Utility division at Eaton Corporation examines real-world manufacturing cultures, how to establish rapport with your peers and overcome social obstacles in the workplace.