Weekly Wrap Up for October 27th, 2017

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Shane Fox, Co-Founder and CEO of LINK3D.co discusses how software is now being used to streamline and optimized additive manufacturing for companies of all sizes with both in-house solutions and outsourced solutions. If you wish to outsource, your business can have parts produced in any of 160 manufacturing centers across 32 countries with access to over 1,000 printers producing pieces in more than 200 polymers and metals adhering to 18 ISO and ITAR certifications with volume from prototype to full production runs. Or, access LINK3D’s knowledge to learn how to implement 3D in your manufacturing operation. Learn more in this exciting interview with hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady on Manufacturing Talk Radio.

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

Apple and GE Team Up To Deliver Next-Gen Mobility To Manufacturing

Mobile applications, the Internet of Things and Predictive analytics are three topics that are impossible to ignore when looking at the future of the manufacturing industry. At first, some thought these concepts were going to be nothing more than new buzzwords for manufacturers to wonder about. However, the benefits they bring and the amount of industry leaders taking them seriously and embracing them quickly put the idea of them being a fad to rest. Instead, manufacturers large and small are beginning to adopt these concepts and industry leaders like GE and Apple are ensuring more businesses have access to these important systems. (Read More)

Relativity Space: Startup Plans to 3D Print Rockets at a Fraction of the Cost

With the costly nature of manufacturing and sending rockets to space, the aerospace industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce costs. It currently takes around $100 million to manufacture and send a rocket into orbit. In the next four years, the startup, Relativity Space plans on revolutionizing how the world views rocket manufacturing. The company plans on reducing the cost to $10 million by utilizing the power of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. (Read More)

Collaboration Takes Manufacturing Forward: Boeing and Mitsubishi Team Up

Collaboration in the modern manufacturing industry continues to prove itself time and time again. Businesses coming together to accomplish a goal or innovate a process have had amazing results and the trend continues to become more popular. Recently the world saw two unlikely companies partner up to revolutionize IoT applications for manufacturers and now two more manufacturing leaders are ready to collaborate. (Read More)

GE: Revolutionizing Robotics With New Technology

GE has long been known as a company that pushes robotics to new heights. Since their first venture in the 1960’s, a robotic exoskeleton called Hardiman, to their latest advances in the science they have continued to improve the industry. Now the company is combining additive manufacturing, sensor technology, computer vision and AI to build robots that were previously out of the realm of possibility. (Read More)