Weekly Wrap Up For April 26th, 2019

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Above is just one of the many interviews are host Lew Weiss conducted at this years ISM 2019. For every intriguing discussion be sure to check out our dedicated page for the event!

AluminumRussian Aluminum Giant Rusal Invests $200 Million In Kentucky Mill

United Company RUSAL, the second largest producer of aluminum on the world, has committed to a 10-year, $200 million investment in Kentucky-based Braidy Industries. The deal will make Rusal the single provider of low-carbon aluminum for Braidy Industries’ new rolling mill which is slated to begin production in 2020. (Read More)

On this episode of Manufacturing Matters, host Cliff Waldman takes a look 20 years into the future of manufacturing. What will drive manufacturing in the years to come? Here’s a hint: Africa. Listen to this episode for all the details!

GigafactoryTake a look inside “the machine that builds the machine”

Designed from the ground up to reimagine everything about how a factory works and push the limits of the men and women who build it, Tesla’s Gigafactory, located in Sparks, Nevada has earned the nickname “the machine that builds the machine,” from Tesla founder Elon Musk. (Read More)


This week on The WAM Podcast, host, Linda Rigano, spoke with Lynn Kier, Vice President of Communications and Branding for the Schaeffler Group, USA, a leading, global integrated automotive industrial supplier. As you will hear, Lynn is an incredibly dynamic woman who has flourished and continues to make an impact in a male-dominated industry for many years in a variety of roles, from finance and sales to operations and HR.

airbag injuriesNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration Expands Their Airbag Failure Investigation

Automotive Safety regulators in the U.S. have expanded their investigation into malfunctioning airbag controls to include an additional 12.3 million vehicles due to the devices not inflating properly. This issue may have led to 8 separate incidents that resulted in fatalities. (Read More)