Weekly Wrap Up for August 17th, 2018

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Today’s guest is Mark Dohnalek, President & CEO of Pivot International, a US-based, global product design, engineering, and manufacturing firm with strengths in industrial design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software development. In this episode Mr. Dohnalek talks with hosts Lew and Tim about growth through acquisition and how what they are doing at Pivot has been critical to their accelerated growth which includes 5 acquisitions in the past 2 years as well as 3-D printing trends, global supply chain trends and more.

Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

TariffsThe Stupid Trump Tariffs

Before you read any further, let me define “stupid” as opposed to ‘ignorant’. Ignorant, in my definition, is being unaware of things such as facts or the obvious. Stupid is being well aware of the facts or the obvious and choosing to ignore them. In my view, the Trump Tariffs are stupid for a myriad of reasons: (Read More)

Classic TariffsClassic Car Industry Facing Hard Times Ahead

Another unexpected victim of protectionist trade practices is facing serious financial hardships as a result of the Trump tariffs. Over 20 million Americans spend an estimated $1.5 billion every year on classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Tariffs place a tax not only on the import and export of the classic cars themselves but also the parts and accessories needed to restore and maintain them. (Read More)

Women And Manufacturing

On this week’s episode, hosts Andrea Olson and Desiree Grace welcome Kathy Jo Van, who recently retired as Sr. vice President of Southwire and is a 2018 NAED Women in Industry Trailblazer award winner. Ms. Van talks about her adventures in manufacturing, gives sound advice on finding mentors (yes, plural!) and why it’s important to “check your woman card at the door.”