Weekly Wrap Up For August 28th, 2020

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Norbert Ore, Director of Industry surveys for Strategas Securities LLP discusses purchasing conditions in Europe, Asia, South America, and areas of the U.S. that reflect a fairly positive restart, at least for the U.S. economy.

siliconU.S. Silicon Metal Producers: ITC Finds Harm Caused by Imports from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan

Globe Specialty Metals, Inc., a subsidiary of Ferroglobe PLC, and Mississippi Silicon LLC (“MS”), collectively representing the majority of American silicon metal production, today announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) will continue investigating the harm caused by imports of silicon metal into the United States. The announcement comes after Commissioners voted 5-0 that there is a “reasonable indication” that silicon metal imports from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Malaysia and Kazakhstan are materially injuring the U.S. industry. (Read More)

LyriqGM Aims to Take on Tesla with New All-Electric Crossover

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic drastically impacting sales and profits for automakers, many are still looking ahead to their future plans. Among these is GM, who has recently unveiled their new all-electric crossover, the Cadillac Lyriq. (Read More)


SpaceXSpaceX Scores Billions With New Government Contract

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been riding high after a series of successful launches and tests. Aside from their first successful manned flight to the International Space Station, the company has also performed a proper test flight of their Starship rocket, which will be used for eventual trips to the Moon and Mars. Now, a new contract from the Pentagon shows that success is paying off. (Read More)

Andrea Aranguren’s message to all women is “don’t be afraid to take risks.” Early mentors taught Andrea to be willing to do what it takes to pursue your passion. Linda Rigano’s guest today co-founded CMDTY, a company whose mission is to make physical commodities as efficient as possible. Andrea and her team are transforming commodities by offering a buying and selling platform like none other. Physical commodities is a $4 trillion dollar industry known for traditional operations. For Andrea, it’s exciting to see how technology can make a positive impact on a market. Growing up in a traditional Spanish family in New Jersey, Andrea always kept a laser focus on academics, athletics, and of course, her family. As a trained gymnast, Andrea learned discipline from an early age and applied it to her professional life. After getting an MBA in Economics from Columbia University, Andrea went on to working in finance, commodities, technology, and environmental markets. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has not always been easy, but Andrea is up for any challenge. Hear more as she talks to Linda about the challenges of juggling a family of three while building an exciting new business.