Weekly Wrap Up For December 4th, 2020

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Yoav Kutner, Founder and CEO of Oro www.oroinc.com discusses eCommerce where the manufacturer sells directly to the end purchaser, which is a major disruption to the historical supply chain B2B and B2C.

Offshore WindfarmEurope Plans Massive 25-fold Increase in Offshore Wind Capacity

The switch from conventional fossil fuels to greener, renewable sources has been occurring for some time. Many companies have taken initiatives to become carbon neutral, and in turn several countries have also outlined plans to do the same. Now, in a rather large step, the European Union is planning to massively increase their offshore wind capacity. (Read More)

mobile data in manufacturingCurrent Trends Point to “Mobile-First” Communication for Manufacturing

The impacts of Covid-19 have caused many industries and businesses to adapt to or accelerate trends, like remote work and supply chain relocation. In particular, communication is one area that is seeing a change in how manufacturers approach it. (Read More)

Automated WarehouseWarehouse Modernization Sees New Future in Automation

Warehouses have always been a major component of the manufacturing process, and with the rise of ecommerce, their value has only increased. Orders are expected to be completed in just days or even hours rather than weeks, and the number of products which need to be managed have risen while the labor pool continues to shrink. (Read More)

While most businesses are moving online, many manufacturers continue to ignore the possibilities of eCommerce and continue to rely on landing face-to-face deals. Today, host Frances Brunelle welcomes Marketing Director Anna Korolekh of Oro Inc to explore the incredible opportunities that arise from taking your business online. We open our conversation by unpacking Oro’s product offerings and how they help companies to digitize their business. After touching on Oro’s origins and the unique challenges faced by the B2B market, we dive into the important role that Client Relationship Management Systems — or CRMs — play when engaging with customers. From discussing how CRMs increase the efficiency of sales teams, we chat about how eCommerce can unlock quick and exponential business scaling. In the case study that Anna shares, a company went from 1,000 to 45,000 customers from taking their sales online. While reflecting on the changing nature of sales, we talk about how people are increasingly solving their problems through internet searches, highlighting the need to go online. Near the end of the episode, Anna provides listeners with more details on why Oro’s services are so unique. Tune in to hear more about how going digital is becoming a manufacturing standard.