Weekly Wrap Up For January 15th, 2021

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Listen in as Joseph Harary, CEO of Research Frontiers and Eyal Peso, CEO of Gauzy discuss using nanoparticles between layers of glass to create opaque to clear glass transitions for automobiles, skyscraper windows, and many other applications.

semiconductor shortageSemiconductor Shortage Pressures Tech, Auto Manufacturing

The continuing Covid-19 pandemic has seen many industries shrink and retract in the wake of problems like supply chain disruptions, along with measures taken to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus among employees. However, both the automobile and tech sectors have managed to stay afloat, with the latter in particular doing increasingly well. Now, a shortage of key components is shaping up to seriously impact the amount of these goods companies can produce. (Read More)

China US relationsTrump Strengthens Order Barring Investment in Chinese Firms

Since 2018, the Trump administration has been engaged in a trade war with China, due to disputes over issues like Chinese tech companies posing threats to American national security. These issues have continued well into and throughout 2020, and even as his term is set to end soon, the President is still taking steps to bolster his stance against China. (Read More)

Chip manufacturingMajor U.S. Chip Supplier to Invest $200M In Taiwan

Taiwan has been a major hub for computer chip manufacturing for many American-based companies. Now, a major chip supplier is helping to keep this dominance running with a massive new investment. (Read More)


Too many women blame themselves for the scarcity of well-made, professional, plus-size clothing, but today’s guest is on a mission to help women feel better about themselves (and help them look fabulous in the process)! In today’s episode, Rosemary Coates interviews Danielle Malconian, President and CEO of Plus by Design and the brand, Vikki Vi. When Danielle landed a job managing the plus-size clothing department at Nordstrom, she had loads of compassion for her customers. With her size 12 feet, she knew what that frustration like, to not be able to buy something that both fits well and looks good. Vikki Vi has a rich history of providing women with great-looking, comfortable clothing, and, when the original company went out of business, it made sense to Danielle to buy the label and keep it going. Listen in to hear more about her journey, the quality and construction of Vikki Vi’s “slinky” fabric, and their decision to manufacture in the US. Danielle also talks about the importance of consistency when it comes to size and how Vikki Vi hopes to combat waste in the fashion industry while creating investment pieces and options for plus-size women while still making a profit. Tune in today!