Weekly Wrap Up For January 29th, 2021

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Jacket Media Co. is proud to introduce our new, monthly podcast “Manufacturing Partnerships” with Host John Kennedy, CEO of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program.

us manufacturingU.S. Manufacturing Future May be Most Promising in Years

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was felt quite heavily in the manufacturing industry, with a historical drop being recorded in industrial profits. Now, as 2021 begins, the pandemic has increased in intensity, even with vaccines beginning to be distributed. As such, there are new worries that manufacturers may see similar or worse drops than those experienced last spring, which might severely hamper or undue any recovery so far. (Read More)

pharmaceutical dealU.S., U.K. Fail to Reach Mini-Trade Deal in Last Days of Trump’s Term

As President Trump’s came to end his administration aimed to take care of what they could before the inauguration of President Biden. One task which many had hoped would be completed would be a new mini-trade deal with the United Kingdom. However, despite each nation’s ongoing efforts, a deal was unable to be reached. (Read More)

Anchor HarveyPrepare for Tomorrow’s Forging Market

The future of closed-die aluminum forging is wide-open. The value of the global metal forging market, with a predicted compound annual growth rate of 6.3% over the next several years, is set to grow to over $130 billion by 2027 according to recent reporting. With a growing demand for commercial and electric vehicles, a coming resurgence in aerospace, and an increasing need for forged parts in markets ranging from the sugar industry to machine equipment, the closed-die aluminum forging market is well-positioned to reach new heights in the coming years. However, in its present state, the forging market is also significantly fragmented and faces a variety of challenges. Forging companies that are able to recognize these difficulties and adapt to a shifting landscape will be in the best position to reap the benefits set to come over the next decade. (Read More)

Hear Linda Rigano’s conversation with Lisa Clark, an empowering leader who shares her personal and professional journey.

Growing up Lisa’s parents instilled the value of hard work, perseverance and a generosity of spirit. These are all lessons Lisa practices daily as co-founder and Managing Director of BITCADET, a technology company that increases manufacturers’ sales and company valuations by creating innovative digital sales channels.