Weekly Wrap Up for July 27th, 2018

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Host Lew Weiss welcomes Craig Cegielski and John Silveria from The American Center for Student Run Manufacturing Businesses to talk about their amazing solution to the manufacturing skills gap in America. Their program creates a self-funding, self-sustaining student run business with local industry partners. Students run every part of the business from using CAD/CAM software, welding, machine tool operation as well as marketing and shipping. Learn more in this episode of Manufacturing Talk Radio.

Here Are This Week’s Top Stories In Manufacturing

Data BreachRobotics Supplier Exposes Trade Secrets of Tesla, Toyota and More

Cyber Security firm Upguard, which specializes in finding unprotected data on the web discovered a treasure trove of trade secrets from VW, Tesla, Toyota and perhaps many more manufacturers just sitting there in the open for anyone to download. (Read More)


Lockheed Martin F-35Lockheed’s F-35 Program Adds 400 More New Jobs in Texas

In an announcement on Monday, July 23rd, Lockheed Martin stated that the F-35 program will create 400 new jobs in the Fort Worth area. These new positions are in addition to the already 1,800 new employees currently working on the next generation fighter jet. (Read More)


Tariffs on hold for nowCar Tariffs Halted During Trade Negotiations With European Commission

At a press conference in the Rose Garden Wednesday, July 25th, President Trump stated he and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker agreed press pause on new tariffs during trade negotiations. (Read More)


Women And Manufacturing

Please join host Barbara Trautlein as she interviews Newsha Ghodsi, who shares stories (and quotes – like the one in the title!) about her career rising through the refinery ranks to achieve her current position as Operations Manager responsible for leading over 200 union and salaried employees to conduct safe, compliant, and reliable plant operations. Newsha talks about career challenges and key learnings spanning from dealing with difficult people to challenging status quo to changing culture. She offers relevant and real-world tips for career advancement including the benefits of focusing on broadening and exploring interests verses on promotions, proactively pursuing career discussions with managers and mentors to see what’s out there for you, and doing what interests you instead of what you think you need to do to move up. Newsha’s bottom-line advise: speak-up for what you believe in, and never give up!