Weekly Wrap Up for June 12, 2019

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Another insightful leading indicator report is the Credit Manager’s Index with Dr. Chris Kuehl of Armada Corporate Intelligence, who reviews the data posted at www.nacm.org on the last day of each month from the organization whose members look 90-180 days into the future to how they will get paid for orders shipped. Tim Grady interviews Chris about the general direction of the economy and potential headwinds.

reshoring initiativeManufacturing Bounces Back in June

After four consecutive months of minuscule gains and bigger losses, the manufacturing industry posted a gain of 17,000 jobs in June. Durable goods, products intended to last 3 years or longer, were responsible for a majority of the gains with 12,000 new jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Manufacturers of computers and computer-related goods added 6,500 jobs with machinery manufacturers and miscellaneous manufacturing adding 4,400 and 1,800 jobs respectively. (Read More)

ccmCounty College of Morris Awarded $4 Million to Lead Expansion of Apprenticeship Programs

County College of Morris (CCM), recognized as a leader in the education of employees for advanced manufacturing, has been awarded a $4 million grant from the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) to expand apprenticeship programs for the industry. (Read More)

Virgin GalacticVirgin Galactic Will Be The First Publicly Traded Spaceflight Company

Billionaire Richard Branson knows it’s going to take a lot of capital to get tourists into space. To make his dream of space tourism a reality he’s taking his company Virgin Galactic public. (Read More)


Women And Manufacturing

On this week’s edition of “Riveting Exchanges” on The WAM Podcast, hosts, Andrea Olson and Desiree Grace, talk about bad bosses. Everyone has had a bad boss at one point or another, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you don’t know how to communicate with them, or you’re trying to get past an obstacle they have placed in front of you. Either way, different personalities and work styles often play a role.