Weekly Wrap Up For June 19th, 2020

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In this episode of “Cliff Notes on the Global Manufacturing Picture”, host Cliff Waldman reviews the path of the pandemic-induced contraction in the U.S. manufacturing sector before discussing the May reports on U.S. retail sales and industrial production as well as the May “Manufacturing Report on Business” from the Institute for Supply Management. Cliff offers his thoughts about whether a trough in the U.S. manufacturing downturn has been reached. He concludes the episode with a discussion of the factors that will impact a manufacturing recovery.

car factoryFord and Volkswagen Plan 8 Million Vehicles As Part Of New Alliance

Automotive giants Ford and Volkswagen have recently offered some more insight regarding their ongoing and expanding alliance. Chief among them: an agreement to share production of up to 8 million commercial vehicles. (Read More)


oil pricesOil Drops Over 10% In Wake Of Second Virus Wave Fears

The oil industry has been one of the most drastically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. After a drastic decline, recently the sector has shown signs of recovery. However, fears over a second wave of outbreaks have resulted in a new round of drops. (Read More)


boeingBoeing Hopes For 737 Max Re-certification Flights By End Of June

Since the two fatal crashes back in March of 2019, Boeing has seen their 737 Max grounded by the FAA as well as order cancellations from airline companies. Yet it appears that the company is optimistic they’ll finally be given clearance to flight once more just a little over a year later. (Read More)


Women And Manufacturing

In today’s episode, host Frances Brunelle interviews Jaimie Petrow, the Head of Business Development at Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers. In this episode, Frances and Jaimie discuss all of the ins and outs of buying and selling manufacturing companies, from necessary documents and information to the risks involved and the duration of transition. Jaimie highlights the importance of trust and transparency when dealing with her clients and why respecting the legacy of a company is essential, as is maintaining the relationship between buyer and seller. We also talk about the value points and risk points involved with customer concentration, as well as some of the risk factors that might mean we reject a client. Finally, Jaimie shares the value of documented standard operating procedure, and touches on the due diligence process and the stamina and patience required to follow through with a transaction. Don’t miss this incredibly informative episode!