Weekly Wrap Up For March 12th, 2021

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Are you aware of the new technology that places wireless charging platens where your autonomous vehicle pause to recharge the batteries and reduce ‘parked time to recharge’? Safe, efficient wireless spot charging is available for industrial vehicles today, and explained in this interview with Julian Seume, CMO at wiferion.com.

ISM ReportsUS Manufacturing Sees 3-Year High After February ISM Report

As the U.S. hits the 1-year mark since the Covid-19 pandemic began to truly leave its impact, many industries still find themselves struggling to recover. However, one sector which was hit especially hard initially, the manufacturing sector, has begun to show signs of recovery. The Manufacturing Report on Business from the Institute for Supply Management gives some key insight as to what this recovery is looking like. (Read More)

OilOil to Get Greener, Faster as Climate Change Policy Shifts

One of the stated goals of President Biden’s administration has been the push for more clean energy policies which are focused on reducing the effects of climate change. This can be seen in his immediate rejoining of the Paris climate agreement, along with his assignment of former Secretary of State John Kerry to the newly created position of special presidential envoy for the climate. With these new changes, the oil and gas industry has now decided to drastically ramp up its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. (Read More)

To have a happy and empowered workforce, you need to have a good foundation, a good company culture, and a healthy garden from which to grow your people and your business. Today’s guest is Karen Norheim, who is the President of American Crane, an Equipment Corporation, with three locations in Pennsylvania, totaling over a quarter of a million square feet. She is a second-generation leader in the company and, during her tenure, she has sought to solidify the founder’s legacy, while also putting her own stamp on the company culture. Karen also sits on a number of boards for industry-leading organizations. In this episode, you hear from her who American Crane is, and she shares her opinion on the importance of solidifying company culture, why you need to put emphasis on having a happy and empowered workforce, and how that has changed over time. She also talks about how she is working towards changing the narrative around a career in manufacturing, the importance of marketing and social media, and so much more. Make sure you tune in today!