Weekly Wrap Up For March 13th, 2020

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Dr. Chris Kuehl, senior economic correspondent for Manufacturing Talk Radio always brings in so much more insightful commentary as he discusses the latest Credit Manager’s Index report and other economic situations, including the coronavirus in this conversation with host Tim Grady.

Cleo2020 Market Report: Integration Challenges Drive Urgency for Change, Increased Automation

Fed up with outdated integration technology that is proving costly to their business, C-level and IT decisionmakers are tackling cloud integration challenges with greater urgency in 2020 as they prepare for an ecosystem-driven future. (Read More)

Ben Marsh is CEO of Scout Systems. He travels the world helping manufacturers implement Industry 4.0 technology. Learn how to do it in this interview with hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady.

mfgFed Survey Finds Coronavirus Impacting U.S. Manufacturing, Tourism

The coronavirus has already had a serious impact on the global economy, especially in regard to the Chinese sector. As it continues to spread, other countries are anticipating or already seeing impacts to their economies. Despite the small number of confirmed cases, the U.S. economy is already seeing some areas negatively affected by the virus. (Read More)

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist of IPC, and Falan Yinug, Director of Industry Statistics and Economic Policy at the Semiconductor Industry Association, discuss the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on the electronics and semiconductor industries. Both guests respond to questions about fundamental price and employment outcomes but also discuss broader issues such as the lessons from previous crises as well as the appropriate policies for mitigating the damaging effects of the coronavirus shock on global manufacturing performance. The interview concludes with a discussion of potential longer-term industry consequences.

CybercrimeInternal Actors Make Up 30% Of Manufacturing Cyberattacks

The ever-increasing involvement of technology and network capabilities in manufacturing has allowed for efficiency never before possible. However, these areas have also become a prime target for hackers. In fact, many of these hackers are coming from the inside rather than the outside. (Read More)