Weekly Wrap Up For March 5th, 2021

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New Report Series: Nancy LeMaster, Committee Chair of the ISM’s Hospital Report on Business(R), discusses the latest Hospital PMI report.  The report will cover the health of the health care sector, and the pressures of handling a pandemic on the sector’s supply chain.

Magna Hummer EVMagna Breaks Ground on New Hummer EV Plant

Later this year, General Motors is planning to release its all-new 2022 GMC Hummer EV. The new release will remark the return of the Hummer brand, and most notably, as an all-electric vehicle, a shift from its past reputation as a gas-guzzler. With demand expected to be high, as many initial pre-orders have already sold out, GM is taking steps to ensure there will be enough parts for production, as seen in the new Magna facility being constructed in Michigan. (Read More)

Supply Chain and COVID-19President Biden Orders Review of Supply Chain Weak Points

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, supply chain security has become a pressing issue for manufacturers across the globe. Disruptions to supply chains, especially those based in China, were a major contributor to the production delays and setbacks experienced early in the pandemic. As new potential supply problems arise, the Biden administration has issued a directive to review American supply chains. (Read More)

Divya Demato is a rock star in the supply chain community. She has mastered the practice of merging supply chain sustainability with profitability — no easy task in today’s economic landscape. Early on, Divya’s mother – a key role model – instilled in her a strong work ethic, authenticity, entrepreneurship, and a deep bond for her family.

When asked the best advice she ever got, Divya quickly pointed to the importance of gratitude. Divya had some empowering mentors throughout her career managing e-commerce operations for Mercantela, Walmart and One Kings Lane. Being selfless and always asking key questions such as: “What’s going on in my supply chain?” and “How can I impact the lives of women?” can improve both your personal and professional accountability.

Divya founded GoodOps, a supply chain consultancy partnering with companies to architect, accelerate and scale sustainable operations. Divya is proud of her work to establish fair labor standards for factory workers and piloting advanced technologies to improve environmental impact.

Divya shares her exciting journey here with WAM Podcasts’ co-host Linda Rigano.