Weekly Wrap Up For November 20th, 2020

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Norbert Ore, Director of Industry surveys for Strategas Securities LLP discusses purchasing conditions in Europe, Asia, South America, and areas of the U.S. that reflect a fairly positive restart, at least for the U.S. economy.

New Industrials Earnings Help Shed Light on U.S. Economy

Covid-19 had impacted the economies of countries all over the world, and the U.S has been no exception. Many companies saw a decline in their industrial and manufacturing capacities due to lockdowns, and concerns over another wave of them has left some worried about how they impact recovery efforts. Some newly released industrials earnings now help give a picture of where the economy is at, and where it may be going. (Read More)

oil pricesNew European Lockdowns Snap Oil’s Win-Streak

Oil prices have been quite tumultuous during the Covid-19 pandemic, with demand hitting record lows across the globe. However, recent attempts at recovery have helped prices climb back to more stable levels. Now, rising cases of Covid-19 and a new set of lockdowns in Europe has ended oil’s three-day win-streak and raises new concerns over another drop in prices. (Read More)

Ford doubles downFord Shows Renewed Interest in Getting into EV Batteries

While companies like Tesla are known for their electric cars, they’re also regarded for their advancements in electric vehicle battery technology. While other auto manufacturers are beginning to compete with them in the auto market, very few have signaled that they plan to also start producing their own batteries as well. However, in a new reversal, Ford is signaling that they may be interested in doing just that. (Read More)

Rachel Liaw first built Fuse Inventory to give supply chain professionals a better option than excel spreadsheets and legacy ERPs to do their forecasting and inventory planning.

Linda Rigano’s latest guest shared what it was like growing up in Honolulu surrounded by lots of family (think “Big Fat Greek Wedding!”) and attending Punahou, the same school former President Obama attended. Rachel inherited her father’s love for data (he was a science professor) and her mother’s zest for empowerment. “Growing up I was always told that I could be anything I wanted to be,” Rachel said.

After attending Stanford University where she received a B.A. in East Asian Studies and minor in Computer Science, Rachel went onto get her law degree at U.C.L.A and even studied in Japan for a brief period.

After school, Rachel worked in supply chain roles at several fast-growth companies – where she was a first-hand witness to the frustration of using spreadsheets to forecast and plan merchandise even as these businesses scaled operations to over $100 million.

In 2016, Rachel co-founded Fuse Inventory – a planning solution empowering the next generation of commerce. Today, Rachel and her team are tackling the fragmented and outdated $11 Billion inventory planning space, with a modern, predictive SaaS solution. Fuse enables companies to scale their supply chain by minimizing stockouts and overstock.

When asked what was the best advice she ever got, Rachel was quick to say “I always want to remain teachable,” advice she lives by today.