Weekly Wrap Up For October 30th, 2020

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Mikie Sherrill, Congresswoman, U.S. House of Representatives, State of New Jersey 11th Congressional District, discusses the federal COVID-19 response, the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s work on a National Manufacturing Supply Chain database, and policy initiatives in D.C., along with her personal experiences as a mother of 4 school age children doing home schooling – WOW!

KINETICKINETIC Donates Patent for Contact Tracing and Proximity Alerts with Wearable Devices for Public Domain Use During Pandemic

KINETIC, the company providing wearable technology that fosters safe environments for the industrial workforce, has been issued a broad patent for using a wearable device to perform contact tracing and proximity alerts by the U.S. Patent office. The company is opening the patent for free public domain use during the Covid-19 pandemic through the Open Covid Pledge. KINETIC was awarded the patent for its system and method for monitoring safety and productivity of physical tasks (patent number 10,772,538, issued 9/15/20). (Read More)

Factory Orders Continued To Increase in SeptemberFactory Orders Continued To Increase in September

The Commerce Department reported this week that U.S. manufacturers saw an increase of 1.9% on big-ticket manufactured goods in September, a number significantly better than the .5% gain economists had been expecting. This follows a smaller gain of .4% in August and an impressive 11.8% jump in July. (Read More)

Q3 GrowthU.S. Economy Expanding At The Fastest Rate On Record

The U.S. economy expanded at an unprecedented rate, growing at an astounding 33.1% annualized pace in Q3 according to the Commerce Department. (Read More)


Consumer demand for transparency is getting stronger every day and manufacturers are being held accountable in ways they never had to.

WAM podcast co-host Linda Rigano speaks with Judy Moon, a fearless champion for greater transparency in the fashion industry. Judy is VP of Sales at  EVRYTHNG, a market-leading Internet of Things SaaS platform for consumer products, trusted by global brands to transform their businesses with product digitization and dataintelligence.

EVRYTHNG is unique in its market – leveraging data intelligence and machine learning to give customers the ability to see and learn from each product’s journey. This gives better visibility and control of their customer’s supply chain, and brand protection from counterfeiting and gray market/divergent activities. It also empowers the manufacturer to control its products and inventory and be prepared to deal with potential crisis like product recalls.

Listeners can hear Judy’s amazing personal and professional journey. She is no stranger to hard work. Judy’s family immigrated to the US from South Korea when she was 7 years old. Her parents instilled key values including education, responsibility and the importance of doing the right thing and  “ always keeping your side of the street clean”. Judy started out in consumer marketing for Time, Inc. where she helped to expand the Sports Illustrated franchise, launch Entertainment Weekly and develop an education program for TIME. She then reinvented herself and became a successful film producer noted for her films My Architect and Conversations with Gregory Peck.

After a ten year break to raise her children,   Judy again reinvented herself and started her career in technology by working for several startups. . In 2018, she found her home at EVRYTHNG which addresses key issues Judy cares about – transparency, traceability, authenticity and digitization of a product’s journey. Judy has a special interest in the fashion industry because of the important role that EVRYTHNG’s technology can play in helping to reduce environmental waste and bring more transparency to consumers, but also focuses on other markets including seafood, spirits, beauty and CPG.