Weekly Wrap Up For September 18th, 2020

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Norbert Ore, Director of Industry surveys for Strategas Securities LLP discusses purchasing conditions in Europe, Asia, South America, and areas of the U.S. that reflect a fairly positive restart, at least for the U.S. economy.

MasksMask Manufacturing Tightens Due to Material Shortage

With many states experiencing a rise in Covid-19 cases, medical masks are seeing their demand rise to even higher levels than before. However, many of those working in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are concerned that these crucial masks will not be readily available due to a shortage in key materials. (Read More)

oil pricesOil Prices Drop Again Over Demand Fears

Oil prices have had a rather shaky year so far. The combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and the past trade disputes between OPEC and Russia caused prices to drop to decade lows, before slowly beginning to recover. Now, prices have seen another drop as concerns over demand flare up once more. (Read More)


As with anything in life, we make plans. But plans change and paths shift. You have to teach yourself to be resilient, to be open, and to be flexible in life so that when challenges arise and new opportunities present themselves, you can take advantage of them.

Linda Rigano’s guest on this episode of the WAM Podcast has a remarkable story. Judy Greenhill is the CEO and COO of Greenhill AntiBallistics Corporation (GABC),  a nanotechnology “startup” that makes a special force disruption platform that reduces the force of impact by nearly 50% in the thickness of one dime.

Judy relishes being a “pioneer” and has a career of “firsts”. During her 19-year career at IBM, Judy was the first Asian woman in marketing and sales in IBM’s  “Wall Street” branch, working her way up from programmer. Judy was selected to be one of the “Dirty Dozen” sent to Beijing to set up IBM’s operations in-country. While there, Judy led multi-million-dollar projects, including the establishment of IBM China’s first and largest computer complex. She was tapped to join a group of three where she crafted IBM’s emerging markets strategy, which she conceived and implemented globally, contributing 22% of IBM’s annual total revenue of $107B.

Judy was also asked to conceive and implement a diversity strategy for its Asian constituency, which she did worldwide throughout the company

After leaving IBM, she worked at The Dwight School where she taught the first Mandarin Language and Chinese Culture International Baccalaureate Curriculum for K-12 grades.

Hear Judy’s amazing journey on this episode of the Women And Manufacturing podcast.