Weekly Wrap Up for September 28th, 2018

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Bryan Sapot, Director of Sales and CEO of SensrTrx discusses some of the nuances of equipment efficiency based on true availability with Manufacturing Talk Radio hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady. After listening to this show, you may discover hidden pockets of equipment availability than can improve you workflow and output, and learn how to schedule downtime so it has the least impact on your production. The implementation cost of sound OEE software is quickly recovered in just a few months. Listen to this show and get the benefit of true OEE.

How NASA’s Space Program Affects Our Daily Lives

Like that polished brass finish on your bathroom faucet? Thank NASA. How about those LED light bulbs? NASA. The laser barcode scanner at the supermarket? You guessed it. NASA. (Read More)


SFA Explores MFG Day

Shop Floor Automations (SFA), as an official endorser of MFG Day, shares stories of customers who are always looking for ways to close the manufacturing industry skills gap. (Read More)


Air freightThe Air Cargo Industry is Woefully Behind in Adopting Technology

In an age where every sector seems to be moving in fast forward with regards to embracing new technology, the air cargo industry is, by comparison moving at a snail’s pace. The issue came to a head at the recent Air Cargo China event in Shanghai, when Lufthansa Cargo Chief Commercial Officer Alexis von Hoensbroech stated the air cargo industry’s track record with regards to new technology was “embarrassing”. “Although there are many ideas on what technology can bring, the ability of this industry to embrace change is actually very slow. We’re full of buzzwords and everybody talks about them without really knowing what’s behind it,” von Hoensbroech said. (Read More)

Women And Manufacturing

Today’s guest is Priscila Hammett, Product Marketing Manager at Emerson. Priscilla sits down with hosts Andrea Olson and Desiree Grace to share her unique perspective as a successful, millennial woman in manufacturing.   Topics include how we can make manufacturing more attractive to millennials and the opportunities she sees in manufacturing, advice for other young women, challenges she has faced as a young woman in manufacturing and tips to get through it. Don’t miss this insightful conversation between three accomplished women in manufacturing, only right here on Women And Manufacturing.