Weekly Wrap Up July 13th, 2018

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Conrad Mercurius, Coordinator of Advanced Manufacturing Tech, joins hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to discuss the programs available at Raritan Valley Community College for students to improve their knowledge of advanced manufacturing, and the participation of employers.

This Week’s Top Stories in Manufacturing

Additive ManufacturingNew 3D Printing “Manufacturing Innovation Center” To Open In Maryland

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) announced plans to open a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing innovation center in Hartford County, Maryland. The new facility will focus on developing next-generation breakthroughs in additive manufacturing materials and processes for automotive, aerospace, medical and military applications. Working with the Army Research Laboratory, the Army’s corporate laboratory, NCMS will conduct research into providing new, innovative materials and devices “…to achieve lasting strategic land power dominance.” according to the NCMS website. (Read More)

Tesla Announces Plan To Build a New Factory In China

Just one day after announcing price increases on both the Model S and Model X in China, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla announced they are moving forward with a plan to build a factory in China with an annual output of 500,000 vehicles. (Read More)


Siemens MustangSiemens Introduces Self-driving 1965 Mustang

We’re all used to seeing sleek, futuristic looking self-driving cars in the news these days so here’s something different; a self-driving 1965 Mustang. (Read More)


Women And Manufacturing

Paige Kassalen understands the next generation of mobility. As the Market Analyst for the Future of Mobility at Covestro, Paige is not just a trend watcher but also a trend setter. At the age of 22, Paige was the only female engineer and only American on the ground crew for the world’s first solar-powered flight team, the Solar Impulse 2 (Si2). Paige challenges herself to always move out of her comfort zone. As one of Forbes 30 under 30, Paige is an active advocate, inspiring the next generation to pursue careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Her challenge to us all is to pay it forward with a compliment. Tune into Taking Flight in Manufacturing to hear Paige’s inspiring story.