Weekly Wrap Up For May 8, 2020

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It is impossible to predict what the economic recovery will look like, and even dour indicators don’t give a great indication of the future. But, listen to this Credit Manager’s Index report and Dr. Kuehl’s comment on the economy.

American Economy ContractsAmerican Economy Contracts For First Time In Six Years

As the COVID-19 pandemic has been severely impacting the global economy, the United States, in particular, has anticipated a see sharp decline from their previous numbers. Now, the recently released first-quarter GDP numbers and the Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Report On Business index show just how hard the pandemic has hit the American economy. (Read More)

New China TariffsTrump Threatens New Tariffs On China

All 3 major indices took a dip Friday as President Trump threatened more tariffs on China in retaliation for the COVID-19 outbreak and Beijing’s handling of information in the early stages of the pandemic. (Read More)


Moon LandingsNASA Contracts Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos For Future Moon Landings

In 2017, President Trump directed NASA to accelerate their efforts to re-land astronauts on the Moon. Now, the agency is taking its first steps at bringing in the private sector to help, awarding a combined $967 million to three companies for study contracts on potential lunar landers. (Read More)


At the intersection of fashion and engineering, today’s guest was inspired to found her own startup focused on simplifying the lifecycle of products. In this episode of the WAM Podcast, host Linda Rigano speaks with Lucy Blackley, CEO of Bombyx PLM: Product Lifecycle Management, about fashion, digital innovation, and seriously motivated women! Lucy discusses with us her move from the fashion industry to founding her own PLM startup, and the importance of developing simple, affordable, and scalable software systems from the point of view of people in product design industries. Bombyx PLM’s system is useful for startups, SMEs, and corporations alike, and – while a lot of people still don’t understand exactly what garment technology is – Lucy explains that PLM systems can be applicable to nearly all industries that produce a physical product. Tune in to find out how!